Halfway through treatments

It is March 11, 2015, and today I completed my 20th radiation session (out of 40) and my 4th weekly chemo session (out of 6). So I’m essentially halfway through the treatments. Here’s a picture of me getting some work done during my chemo infusion this morning:


I continue to feel pretty good, and my doctors tell me that I’m doing “better than average.” My throat soreness has been stable for the last two weeks or so at a very tolerable 2-3 on a 10 point pain scale. I continue to be able to swallow without trouble, and have been able to maintain my weight despite my continuing reality that eating is wholly uninteresting (no appetite, no taste, no smell). I was happy to weigh in yesterday 0.1kg heavier than the week earlier (about 160lbs still, so staying on target).

I finished yesterday a 15-day treatment for thrush, a mouth-based yeast infection (drug: Fluconozole), and am still taking an acid reducer to fight off acid reflux (drug: Omeprazole 20mg; brand: generic Prilosec, 1x per day), a salivary gland stimulant (drug: Pilocarpine, 4x per day), a mucus thinner (drug: Guaifenesin 1200mg; brand: Mucinex, 2x per day), a laxative/stool softener (drug: Senna 8.6mg + Docusate Sodium 50mg, 1x per day), and normally a sleep aid + decongestant (drug: Diphenhydramine HCL 25mg; brand: generic Benadryl, 1x per day). For the two days following my weekly chemo sessions, I also take an anti-nausea steroid (drug: Dexamethasone 4mg, 2x per day). Due to low pain levels, I have not taken any Oxycodone for over a week. Quite a few pills to keep track of!

I wanted to post a link here to a great Scientific American article on HPV-related cancers that was brought to my attention by my friend Lee Fox. It is short & very interesting – please read it: http://www.scientificamerican.com/…/hpv-cancers-in-men…/

My spirit remain high, and I continue to be blessed with love and support from friends and family. Thanks to all for helping me to keep this journey interesting and not too tedious.

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4 Responses to Halfway through treatments

  1. Kim Fitzpatrick says:

    Sounds like you are managing just fine! So glad! Can’t wait to see you next week! Kim

  2. Vicki Moncrief says:

    Hang in there. Sounds like you are doing great.

  3. Steve Swymeler says:

    Great to hear you’re doing do well. Proud of you cousin.

  4. connie swymeler says:

    Sean, You look great! I am sending lots of positive energy everyday through prayer and well wishes. Love ya, Connie